HALion 3 moved to the legacy forum

With the release of HALion 5, we have dissolved the HALion 3 forum. The old topics can be found in the “legacy Steinberg VST Instruments” section now. Please also use the legacy forum for new topics on HALion 3 (and older).

Hi Ed,

Where is the Legacy forum please? I have a bad CD (with Auth # and lic dongle) and want to load HALion 3 on my Win 7 x64 DAW.


If I own Halion 5 can I download the full Halion 3? I’m using Bitwig Studio and Halion 3 is the only version that works in it. 4 & 5 have a bug that only Steinberg can fix.

HALioooooonnnnn!!! :frowning: