Halion 3 showing in halion 7

As of today I now have a unrecognised Halion 3 library in halion 7…Anyone dealt with this issue?

It looks like a HALion 3 Soundbank (*.hsb) file – did you have H3, or have you tried to open a .hsb file in HALion 7?

The culprit is this :confused:
A kontakt Library I bought from the loops and have had for years. But it never showed in halion until today…

When I click reveal in finder this is what shows

I have had HALion since version 3. With each new update I made sure to have access to this bank which is installed on one of my hard drives.

Here is what the manual for version 3 and version 7 of HALion says in order to access this bank.

There are some great sounds in this bank and I’m glad Steinberg has maintained the ability to use it with every release.

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@Rene_L That looks awesome!
I only started on Halion 7. Would this apply to me?
Tried checking the download assistant but nothing.

(Still need a fix for this non Halion library*)

This library does not come with HALion 7 and is also not available with Download Assistant.

It was only available on the HALion 3.0 DVD and now everything related to this version can be found on the HALion 3 page for products not supported by Steinberg.

Damn…Looks like I’m going to have to buy 3 and have it shipped lol.
Also if you have halion 7 could you please do me a massive favour and check if this element of Halion bugs out for you as well >

I can’t drag it at all. It jumps all over the place if I try :confused:

I don’t have any of the problems mentioned. I use version 7.0.20, the application (Standalone) as well as the VST used in Cubase 13 Pro.

Everything works correctly.

Thanks for checking that. May be a platform issue as I’m on Mac

Bear in mind that it is no longer possible to buy (from Steinberg) a version of HALion older than 7, and you need a valid license for HALion 3/4/5/6 on a USB-eLicenser to use the HALion 3 soundbanks.

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I want to clarify something with you regarding the HALion 3 library presets that you can see in the HALion 7 Media Browser.

In fact, it is possible that the presets you have access to are not related to the HALion 3 HSB files at all.

Some companies like Loopmasters have produced many sound banks for various Samplers like HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT and many others. Sometimes in such a bank it was possible to have both files that could be read by Kontakt and HALion. So, it is very possible that these are presets linked to this type of bank.

To have access to the HALion 3 bank you must have a license or the original DVD of this version which contains the said files.

Good to know. If I find a seller online with a sealed box of 3 inch that would be valid yes?

I have identified the offending library which is a kontakt library from thaloops.com. Thing is they never mention a halion conpatability and it’s never shown before.
Thing is I like the sounds…but organization wise. If I rename a file through the halion browser it becomes invalid.
I don’t mind keeping them. But it would be nice to be able to rename to organise and delete the doubles.
Not sure why there are doubles?
Everytime I click reveal in finder each of the doubles reveals the same file….

It’s not just the H3 .hsb files, you also need a valid license on the USB-eLicenser, such as this:
If I disconnect the USB-eLicenser, the H3 sounds cannot be used.

So as it stands, if someone buys H7 for the first time, and does not even have (or need) the eLicenser, the H3 soundbanks cannot be used. They show up with red "x"s in the browser. The only way to use them would be to buy a second-hand USB-eLicenser already containing a valid license. The original DVD alone is of no use (the ISO is freely downloadable).

Apologies if this has gone off-topic, but I think only the supplier of that library can help in that case.


H3 files can be accessed even if the USB e-Licenser is removed. I believe that as soon as the HSB folders and files are available on a hard drive and the procedure for saving these files has been done in HALion, they will become available.

Here is an image of HALion 7 booted without the USB key and I can load all the instruments from the H3 library.

I was curious to see what this DVD contained and there are a few demos that I was able to load with Cubase 13, except that the assignments are no longer valid. I will still redo the assignments. There are PDF files containing all the details regarding the demos.

I even found HSB Demo files from e-Lab, Garritan Orchestral Strings, Scarbee Imperial Drums and Vienna Symphonic Library and all the Presets can be loaded into HALion 7.

I still have the Cubase SX3 DVD, I’m going to go see what’s on there, probably some surprises on the horizon.