Halion 3 user - do I buy halion 6?

I have Halion 3 and I have found that there is no upgrade path to version 6. I downloaded the demo of 6 but find that I can’t figure out how to import my old fxp programs. I’m not keen on starting over again and rebuilding sample libraries. Anyone else go through a similar process? Is there a quick and painless way to get everything from Halion 3 working in Halion 6? If I have to start over again, I’m not sure what I would do. Maybe Kontact? I’m not a NI fan but I hate losing what I already have. What’s your thoughts?

Find the answer in the manual : https://steinberg.help/halion/v6/en/halion/topics/managing_sounds/browser_files_from_halion_3_loading_c.html

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The library looks the same size so i’d stay with what you have.