Halion 3...

Not strictly the right place for this perhaps BUT…where else?

I’m not much of a keyboard player so having bought Halion 1, 2 & 3 I stuck there. Simple keyboard parts are all I can play anyway. I am a guitarist.

So I’ve been happily using H3 on my Win 7 PC for a while now but I have just upgraded to a Mac Pro & I am reinstalling all of my software progressively. Except that I can’t install H3. The discs for H1 & 2 say that they are not for this type of computer & H3 needs to see a previous version. H3 is no longer supported and is not downloadable so is that it? Is there no way around this? Having spent £100’s of pounds on these versions am I now no longer able to use something that functions perfectly well on a Windows machine? I really hope not.

Any suggestions please?


I’m not a Mac person, but I’m guessing it’s because Apple changed to using Intel processors a few years ago, and as H3 is a legacy product, it was end-of-life before that so there will never be a version that will run on a modern Mac; that said, perhaps a Mac person will come along and offer some way to do what you want.

For what it’s worth, the current version, HALion 5, will load and play the samples from HALion 3, and will run on modern Macs.

Just insert you halion 3 disc and Install the Halion 3.5 update avaliable to download from Steinberg

I’m using Halion fine on an Intel Mac