HALion 4.5.1 crashes on Project load

By process of plug-in elimination I have discovered that v4.5.1 is crashing Cubase on loading a project with instances of H4 on 2 different Instrument Tracks (Real Fingered Bass).

Rolling back to 4.0.1 has solved the problem. I have an Apple Problem Report if Steinberg is interested in looking at this issue for future updates.

Running Mac 0SX 10.6.5.

(I tried to post a support request and got a 404 error upon Submitting.)

Can you perhaps provide us your project? That way it should be quite easy to find out the cause of your crashes.

best regards

Hi Gerrit,

I tried to attach a project file but at 7.5Mb, it’s over the limit. I’ve attached the Problem Report instead (changing the rtf extension to txt). Hopefully that helps. If there is another way to get you the Project file, I’d be happy to do it. Thanks.
HALion 4.5.1 Crash.txt (69.7 KB)

I too contacted Steinberg about this issue which I can confirm happens to me with Halion 4.5.2 using PC platform of Cubase 6.5. Thanks to Ulesto’s post I rolled back and can use Halion 4 without the update for projects with multple Halion tracks. The guy from Steinberg said he would check with the developers to see what kind of progress they have made, but I have only had radio silence. He confirmed he experienced the same problem with PC but claims he does not have the issue with Mac. Maybe they have fixed the Mac side, but forgot to have a look at PC as well. It has been a long time between Ulesto’s post and mine, so I’m not too confident Steinberg is doing anything about it since a rollback works. However, whatever the benefits of the 4.5.2 update are down the drain until…?

Hi Cuboid,

strange thing, but we do not have any support request from you or your email address here at the Steinberg HQ.

Maybe you can PM me your original email address, so I can take a look into the support request and or this issue.



(BTW. form my point of view it does not make any sense to use the HALion 4.5.x on an instrument track at all,
but if this is confirmed bug we will have to react for sure)

Well, Marcus, I tried to send you a private message as requested and it sits in my outbox with no option for sending it. I’m not interested in investigating how to navigate the Steinberg private message system, so let’s try this. Says to contact the administrator if I can’t send a messate, but looks like you are the administrator, so it’s catch 22. Anyway, here is info regarding my original service request which I mentioned and you asked for via PM. Thanks for your interest:

RE: Steinberg Support Case Ref.#01079973ref:_00D30F1z._50030OZs2v:ref

Hi cuboid,

I have answered your PM, because I still need some additional information from you.

Best regards,


Hi cuboid,

we are now in contact with Chris from Steinberg support USA and this seems to be a local issue on your system.

We can reproduce it now, I have forwarded it to the developers.

But I may add, that there is a very easy work-a-round:

  • Use HALion 4 in the VST Instrument rack and assign up to 64 Midi tracks to up to 64 HALion 4 programs