HALion 4.5.3 and HALion Sonic 1.6.2 updates released

Dear users,

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the HALion 4.5.3 and HALion Sonic 1.6.2 maintenance updates. The Updates add smaller improvements and resolve several issues, including improved support for Dark Planet, Triebwerk and Hypnotic Dance, which allows you to use all sounds of these instruments as expansion packs.

The maintenance updates are now available free of charge from the support section of the Steinberg website. For detailed information on all fixes and enhancements, please check the corresponding version histories on the download page.

Download page HALion

Download page HALion Sonic

Thanks for choosing Steinberg!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

The links above seems to be switched…
…can’t download version history of halion 4.5.3 either… :frowning:

Also, is the HALion Sonic 1.6.2 update applicable to HALion Sonic SE as well?

add a : after the http, I figured this out when it wasn’t working for me either. Yes, this was a hasty posting due to this and the fact that the links are switched. There is not much to miss however, the update is pretty meh to say the least.

Can this new release be installed as a complete version in the future on its own, or must one first install Halion 4.0 before they can run this latest patch?

Links are in right order now, thanks. We fix the VH download link soon.

No, it isn’t.

The Update patch needs an existing H4 installation.

Thanks for the news Helge. Will you be releasing a total package of 4.5.3(+) in the future that a user can download and install, without having to worry about installing the original 4.0 DVD first?


I have a question.

I am now using Halion 4.5.2 and I want to update to the 4.5.3 version.

Can I immediately update the 4.5.2 to the 4.5.3 version? Or is it only possibly to update from Halion 4.0 to 4.5.3?

Boudewijn van den Berk


“MIDI: “Key Off” sounds are now affected by expression controller (CC11).”

You won’t believe how big this problem has been for me! :smiley:


Some Steinberg updates didn’t work well after updating in the past and i’m very happy with the 4.5.2 version, except the envellope section :wink:


I noticed nothing with the 4.5.3 update, expect the following…


it really doesn’t add much either. If you are happy with 4.5.2, I would stick with that just based on the above problem alone.


Now i’m absolutely sure it will be 4.5.2 forever!

After installing 4.5.3, the font of TAG of HALion, like ‘Load’ and ‘MIDI’, displayed unusually.
The other fonts are OK, but only TAG’s font is strange.

Is there any solution?