Halion 4.5 AU Outputs

Hi all,
please, how to configure Halions outputs to appear in separate audio channels using Ableton Live?
Im using the AudioUnit plug version, is this possible using the Halion 4.5 AU version?
I simply want to send Halion program audio outputs to individual audio channels in ableton DAW,
is this possible & how to do it :question:
many thanks guys,

ive tried to work it out but just cant seem to find it, could anyone explain how to do it in cubase & then I may be able to figure it out in Ableton, Is it because the A.U plug version doesn’t support this output routing capability ?
anybody ? really appreciate some feedback,
many thanks

In Cubase, this is done via the instrument rack. There is a small icon (arrow?) beside the name of the loaded instrument. If you click this and the plugin supports multiple outputs, a drop down list will appear allowing you to enable/disable individual outputs that the plugin supports. When this is done, channels are added/removed from the mixer and can now be freely used within Halion for playing back sounds from their own respective output.

I have no clue about the AU version, or Live as a DAW, but I am sure it is possible as Halion sure is a multi out plugin.

thank you for getting back,
yes thats the way i’v been doing it in cubase since multi output support was implemented into the program many years ago but i had to check i wasnt going crazy…. it seems i cant do it in ableton- not abletons incapability but i think the A.U. plug format… as you can imagine quite disappointing to say the least, can admin here confirm this please for me maybe im missing something so obvious - i really need the outputs as you can imagine, thanks again cantankerous,

pls admin,
is there a way to assign halion outputs to individual tracks in ableton ? & if not do you have any plans of making it so & when ?
thank you

Sorry I could not have been of more help. I am sorry to hear things are not working out for you either, must be quite a disappointment to say the least. Can you not use the VST version over the AU version until an answer is presented?

I hope you find what you are looking for.

thank you Cantankerous,

I have checked My VST plugin folder & theres no H.4.5 VST version in there, is this right?
I do have Halion Sonic Plugin VST version (in VST plugin folder) & Ableton can see the outputs no problem
but like I mentioned no H.4.5 VST version in the VST plugin folder (?)

has the H.4.5 installer failed to install a VST plug version ? surly there is one available right?
the obvious reason being users outside of Cubase can avail of multi channel output
I dont like jumping the gun but does this actually mean that H 4.5 does not support
multi channel outputs in DAW’s other than Cubase surly this cannot be true,
just one stereo output?

has My installer failed?
is there a VST version available for H.4.5 & if not are there plans
for a VST version to be released in upcoming updates ?
please advise me thank you &
many thanks Cantankerous for your support


Ok I think I’ve got it, (me thinks)
its down to VST versions i.e.

Halion 4.5 is a VST3 version Plug, unfortunately there is no H.4.5 VST version 2.x available,
as yet Ableton currently does not support the VST3 format

thats it……… ah well its down to ableton now, hopefully ableton 9 will bring along VST3 support
I’m sure it will.

thanks for your feedback Cantankerous very much appreciated,

case closed.

np, too bad there was no VST 2.x version. I was not aware of this. I knew Halion 4 was a VST3 plugin, but I thought both versions were installed. Glad you got an answer, too bad it isn’t what you were after. I hope Ableton gets to work on better support in the very near future.