Halion 4 and midi controller CC value sync

Especially when tweaking the Halion virtual analog synth settings, I like to use my midi HW controller (a BCR2000). Using the “Learn CC” function, I can indeed assign a BCR HW rotary that sends CC messages to a Halion control. However, I encounter two issues here:
1: I have read the halion operation manual, tried several things, but I did not find a way to let Halion send the initial settings, that have been assigned to a CC, to the midi controller (just by sending the CC message with the init value on the same midi channel), such that the controller can synchronize to the initial settings of a Halion program. (Moreover Halion does not send CC message when you change using a mouse e.g. a SW rotary that has been assigned to a CC.)
Isn’t there really a way to sync my controller to the settings of the current Halion program? This would be really a disappointment if this is impossible. Now when I turn a knob on my midi controller, which has its own initial setting, the Halion setting jumps and hence you cannot make small tweaks etc. I don’t want to think of having a BCR program per Halion program just for the sake of having the same initial settings (which then also has to be changed on both sides when making a change to a Halion program).

2: When I save my CC assignments as default (option editor, MIDI section), I expect these assignments to be valid for all programs. However, when i made my assignment for e.g OSC 1 level in “Sonic Dancer”, saved this as default, and jumped to another virtual analog program like “smooth solo” the assignment has gone for OSC1 level and I need to start all over again with assigning. The manual says (according my interpretation) that the assignment should be valid for the complete Halion instance.
When i jump back to Sonic DAncer, the assignment is however back again.

Anyone has experience with this?