Halion 4 availability in the US

I’d like to know if anyone has received their Halion 4 in the US of A.
I have ordered my H4 three weeks ago and have not heard from Steinberg that my product was shipping or anything like that. My credit card was charged on the day of the purchase - yet nothing was shipped. Hmm…
Wanted to know if anyone else is in similar situation.

I really think you should have received it by now. I am in Canada and picked up my copy over 2 weeks ago. Canada very rarely ever gets things before the US. I would somehow inquire directly with Steinberg and find out what is going on. They should only have charged your card WHEN it was shipping, not 3 weeks before.

Well - looks like this was some kind of goof. Steinberg and/or AskNet finally processed my order today and H4 is on the way here! Looking forward to this update!