Halion 4 boxed update from Halion 3

I have both Halion 3 and Halion Sonic full versions.

I would prefer to have the boxed version instead of the download version. So a couple of questions

  1. If I buy the boxed update for Halion 3 can I still use the discs to update over my Halion Sonic licence instead of the Halion 3 licence ?.

  2. Could I then sell my Halion 3 licence on a USB dongle enabling someone else to upgrade to H4 ?


Hi Dave

The update for HALion 3 will only work if you have the licence dongle and will not work on the HAlionSonic licence

if you remove H3 dongle the update will not work, not sure why you dont want to down load H4 it is still the full version and can be burned to a disk for safe keeping,


Heres my perspective as a user and consumer.

The issue is that a home backup can be less secure than the production master due to the issues such as DVD drive calibrations drifting with age of hardware or disc quality of DVD leading to failure. Such issues seldom discovered until several months or years down the road when you try to re-install from the backup. After investing significant sums in software I wish to minimise my risk of loss.

Clearly the Halion 4 upgrade from Halion Sonic 1-5 relies on the Halion Sonic disc set as well as the download therefore two possible points of failure.

The Halion 4 upgrade from Halion 3 on DVD will I suspect be complete software set for Halion 4 on the DVD due to the age of Halion 3.

Then there is also the issue of the resale value of the existing software given I have both Halion 3 and HS 1-5 full versions but now will not need both.

Id like to sell my Halion 3 full licence which will allow someone else to get to Halion 4 on the upgrade path and assist me in offsetting some of my spend on the software but I cant do this if I want Halion 4 upgrade on disc.

It seems odd that Steinberg didn’t offer a utility to the users who have both full versions of Halion 3 and Halion Sonic llowing the user to choose which licence they wished to upgrade. This seems to penalise those users who have spent most with Steinberg. What was the advantage to Steinberg of locking the Halion 4 disc based upgrade product to Halion 3 and not allowing it to be used against the Halion Sonic licence?


Are you saying that when upgrading from HALion Sonic to HALion 4, you do not actually get an actual HALion 4 license?


Halion 4 will overwrite the Halion Sonic Licence with the Halion 4 licence so you cannot then sell Halion Sonic as you have no seperate licence for it.
This effectively makes it redundant. It was quite a lot of money for something which has no residual value in a matter of months.

You can off course still use both Halion Sonic and Halion 4 under the combined licence but the only current benefit this gives is possibly a reduced system overhead of Halion Sonic over Halion 4 as all Halion Sonic content is in Halion 4.

As a user if I had not bought Halion Sonic and stuck with Halion 3 until Halion 4 I would have been better off and had all functionality.

The users who had both products have lost more value than those who were just using Halion 3 or Halion Sonic. Strange given they have effectively contributed more to the Steinberg bottom line.


Maybe you could transfer your HALion Sonic license to a different dongle, upgrade to H4 and sell it, and then separately upgrade H3 to H4 on your own dongle for keeps?

(You probably would’ve needed an extra dongle for the sale anyhow?)

But if you buy the upgrade from HALion 3 to HALion 4 then it’s actually the HALion 3 licence which is going to be overwritten. Your HALion Sonic license will stay untouched. I haven’t tested this personally but this is my understanding of the upgrade process.

Best regards


Each activation code can be used just once so you cannot upgrade both the older licences (HS, H3) with one upgrade licence.


H3 and HS are separate products, so you would need two H4 upgrades. I was merely speaking of the possibility of selling ONE of those upgraded H4’s (before or after). One cannot expect TWO H4’s from one purchase.