Halion 4 bpm under Cubase

Is this stupid, or a big problem ?!?

With a Cubase project running at 190bpm and loading any preset in Halion, I am finding that the BPM in the Flexphraser section is 120bpm, greyed out and uneditable.
WTF? Does that mean it’s at 120bpm? 190bpm? Whatever it wants to be.
What does this mean? Everything is clicked “Sync-ed”, so is it?
What happens to LFO’s, modulation, absolutely every single aspect of the sound/loop?
What if I want the above not to sync-ed and want to control timing on the fly?
I have another recent topic, with the same topic. The member did point me to an area, and this is when I discovered this.
I might be freaking here, though I see no way of editing.
I hope someone can make a fool outta me here.
Thanx for reading

No, normally it does mean the bpm is synced to the host’s tempo.

AFAIK it is, but it isn’t hard to check.

Untick sync.
Although I found out the “Slice Player” keeps locked to the host’s BPM, even after unticking sync.

Just an update from Support for others wanting to know about this subject.

"So the Flexphraser when Sync button is on will play at the tempo of the project (in your case 190BPM) if you unclick the sync button you will be able to manually control the tempo (the 120 will become ungreyed out and allow changes)…

Other things such as LFOs and Modulation all have separate Sync sections that allow you to have it either turned off or Tempo sync’d (this will be to the tempo of the project)

hope that makes sense to you"

Also, thanks to Niles for their support