Halion 4 can never find Samples i'm loading in!

So far so good on everything with halion 4 but this:

if i drag my own personal sample (one i made in recycle) into the mapping or the slot rack or even hit “import samples” and bring one or several into the program, Halion cannot find the sample. the red light lights up immediately and no sound comes out when i play it on the keyboard.

i’ve given it the path and and at the bottom it will say 1 sample missing / 1 sample resolved after i hit search. then i close the window, go back to the main program and the sample is still missing and the red light is lit up.

so to sum it up:
i have no issues playing any sound/sample from the halion library… but when load in my own sample i hear NO sample sound and halion cannot find the sample (even after giving it the path).

i can hear the sample when i use the sample preview and choose the sample i want to load in.

what am i doing wrong???

i’m on the latest version of everything and cubase 7. on a mac 10.8.3, 2.9 ghz Intel core i7 and 8 megs of ram.

maybe if someone could tell me what steps they would do to import a .aiff file from my desktop into halion4.5?
maybe i’m somehow missing a step??

if i drag a .aiff into the mapping area (or the rack), shouldn’t that .aiff automatically play on the keyboard?

even when i drag it in, halion is giving me a red light on the “find missing samples” immediately… i have remixes due and this is causing me MAJOR delays…!!

i have most of my samples on a separate 250 gig drive.

Sorry, no clue.

Have you saving the sample to a different location and dragging it to Halion from there?

yeah i’ve tried dragging from desktop, from drives, renaming the folder… this is pretty much the only thing i use Halion for is slicing beats in recycle and playing 'em off the keyboard. i’ve been on halion since version 1 so i understand this part of how it works. just an endless red light no matter what i drag in… extremely frustrated! :angry:

Have you also tried rename the sample so it doesn’t contain any weird character?

yes… nothing weird other than a beatname-bpm-and-001…
i might just try calling it 001, 002, 003, etc.
it’s odd cause i can preview the slices with no issues.

do i have to drag the slices into the media bay first? then out of the media bay onto the mapping area?
how would i do that?

right now i’m just dragging from desktop (or external drive) onto the rack or the mapping area.

in halion 1, 2, 3. i just kept my samples on a drive inside a folder and separated them by folders.
this is the same area i’m pulling these samples from.
and old halions always found 'em with no issues

I usually drag the files into the mapping area and it works well, I don’t know what could be wrong in your case. I’m out of ideas!

maybe i’ll try to uninstall… and re-install it?
if that doesn’t work i guess i can use highlife - that free online sampler.