Halion 4 & Dark Planet ?'s

Hi guys,

Have just migrated to Halion 4 and Dark Planet VST.
I guess the question lies with one or both of the plugins.

In running them under Win7 and Cubase 4, but have a problems with the signature of any loop preset.
Apart from the transport window, I can’t find anywhere to adjust the signature. And even with the transport signature being changed (ie-1/4, 4/4, 1/16, etc), nothing changes on the loop samples.
I have a project running at 190bpm, but want the loop sample to slow down, that’s why.

The other question is (and i can’t find it), but does Halion 4 have an arppegiator section?

Halion 4 does have an arp section, it is called the Flexphraser. You can find it in the MidiMod tab of a loaded program. You may have to add the flexphraser module if starting your own program from scratch, where it isn’t previously loaded by default on preset patches.

As for our first question, no answer from me on that.

Thanks for that. I’ll check the Flexphaser section.
There might be something in the about signature sync