Halion 4 Demo In C6?

Hello all.
Does Cubase 6 come with Halion 4 demo? If so, how much is the upgrade to the full version?
Thanks in advance.


It´s a demo (trial), which can also be downloaded from the Steinberg site. So you can´t “upgrade” it to anything. If you like the demo, you buy the software - if not, you don´t.

Well, it didn’t happen to be that simple with HSO. It was also a bundle demo but upgraded to the full version for just 99.99.
So in other words, you’re saying that the C6 demo users still have to pay the full 349.99 to aquire the permanent H4 license.

Unless you find a different offer in the shop, I´d say yes that´s how it is.
But there is this offer, in case that´s something for you and you haven´t seen it before.

Yeah, I have an offer in the shop that gets H4 for 198.98. I’d say that beats the C6/H4 bundle even though they don’t show a price on that.

Probably it´s not available in your country. Here it is 699 €.

Probably not. With the upgrade factor, I would total 398.97USD for both.

I downloaded the H4 demo but I don’t think the demo is offering the whole library. It was only 615mb. It’s supposed to have a bigger library than Sonic and Sonic is 13G. With what I heard, I wasn’t any more impressed than Sonic SE.

No, it doesn´t include the whole library.

Yes, actually the biggest reason I’m considering H4 is the ability to import samples and the slightly better editing capabilities. The library is a bit of a factor as I am always looking for new sounds but Sonic still has quite a big library.