Halion 4 drag and drop tutorial?

Hello, I’m new to Halion 4. I would like to slice up audio in Cubase, select all the slices, drag and drop into Halion 4 and have the each individual mapped to a different key. Can anyone explain how to perform the drag and drop into Halion to me? Or is there a tutorial somewhere?

im waiting myself for my version to turn up but it should be as simple as right click select all of the samples and drop them straight in to the sample editor ,

I can recommend this


very informative :wink:

You can select all the slices and drag them right to an empty slot in Halion 4. This will automatically have the program created as a ‘slice player’ in which each slice will be automatically mapped to a new key starting from C3. You can then fine tune each slice via the sample edit tab and the zone tab for volume, pitch, modulation etc. Very easy!