Halion 4 & Halion Sonic (Pre-Purchase Question)


I’m interested in buying ‘Halion 4’ , do I gain anything by buying ‘Halion Sonic’ as well ? or is ‘Halion 4’ like having ‘Halion Sonic’ plus sampling, and more content included than what comes with ‘Halion Sonic’ ?

Simply put, Does ‘Halion Sonic’ offer something that ‘Halion 4’ does not ?



My impression is that H4 gives you everything (the HS content, plus some additional content, and sample editing).

If you can buy just H4 for equivalent to the price of HS plus the $99 upgrade, I’d say just go for just H4.

At the time, I took advantage of the discount pricing of HS full version, then the $99 H4 upgrade when it became available.

Since then, I’ve only used H4. The GUI is modular and can be configured to your liking based on how you’re using it. Just save a window set.

My opinion: Nothing to be gained from having HS if your have H4. Don’t get me wrong, I like HS, but H4 has all bases covered.

Hi Dr.V

Thank You for your helpful feedback.

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