HALion 4 importing HALion 3 project master volume issue

I upgraded to HALion 4 and imported an existing HALion 3 project. First I noticed that all the output channel assignments from the original HALion 3 bank file were lost. I was able to manually re-assign them using the AUX tab under the AMP window. Currently HALion 4 is not responding to the master volume MIDI 7 input command. The master volume will only change with the volume knob on the HALion 4 main window. I currently have the MIDI input to HALion 4 set to MIDI Yoke 1 exactly as used with my old HALion 3 program.

Is there a MIDI assignment setting in HALion 4 that needs to be changed?


I have NOT upgraded to Hal4 for this very reason.

Because of the long ‘hibernation’ of Halion, I (like many I dare say) moved to Kontakt. Still, I have enough old Hal libs that sound GREAT that I’d pay $99 -if- Hal4 could properly open them.

eg. Scarbee drums, Black Grand, Kickass Brass…

NONE of the high $ Hal 3 libs I have open properly in Hal4 simply because the programmers used the coolest feature of Hal3 —multiple outputs!

It’s a bit much to ask me to move to Hal 4, when it can’t even open libs I payed a LOT of money for to support Hal 3 back in the day.

I will be -happy- to upgrade to Hal 4 when (and if) they can get this import sorted out. Please, pretty please.



Why do you want to change the master volume as well? It is usually set fixed.
HALion responsd to CC7 as channel volume, all actual volume settings can be easily set there.

Can you explain more detailed (maybe step-by-step) what is the problem with the multiple output in HALion4?

I am not sure multiple outputs should be converted… the multiple output handling was a nightmare in HALion 3 anyway.

I fully expect that the libs I paid $200, $300 and more to support Hal3 should import properly into Hal4. There’s nothing to ‘step by step’… If I click on an FXP or FXB, it should open correctly in Hal4. And by ‘correct’ I mean that each sample s.b. mapped to same outputs as in Hal3. That was the key to really good libs (like Scarbee). Worked -great-.

My guess is that SB doesn’t care because, frankly, no 3rd parties bother making libs for Hal anymore.

For most people, Hal4 is a -new- instrument. And most people don’t do heavy editing anyhoo—it’s largely a ginormous sound-preset device. Fine. But for -me-, who spent a lot of time transitioning to Kontakt, there’s no reason to go back to Hal if I can’t leverage my old content.

It’s just a constant gripe for me: BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. I can’t -stand- the recurring theme in music software where one has to abandon old content to get some new features. Not being able to import properly from Hal’s own format is kind of a slap in the face considering how hard I supported Hal3 during all those dark years.