Halion 4 importing old libraries

I updated to Halion 4 and Cubase 7. All I need to know is can I use some of my old libraries from Halion 2? I made a ton of libraries with all my AKAI disk etc and I can’t get any of them to load. Can this be done? If so how do I load my setups? I have several setups I made for horns and strings that are “VST Effect Bank Files” and “VST Effect Program Files” I’m sure this is an easy fix but I am getting angry!!! :slight_smile: Thanks

You good?

Edit: i have no idea, but im sure there is a way as i saw that it can import pretty much anything you throw at it…

Import button (to the right of the Category Filter) → ‘Import HALion FXP/FXB Files’, or drag & drop them on the Media bay. HTH.

Try with CDXtract.

CDXtract converts all your sampler CDs (Akai, Roland, EMU, Kurzweil…) and files (Giga, Soundfont, Kontakt, Halion, EXS24…) so that you can use them in your Sampler software.