Hey all - I posted this in the Halion section but it seems there is nothing but crickets around there…

I’m looking for the Halion 4 instillation files.

Can anyone point me to the right location?

Kind regards,


Are they not in your MySteinberg account downloads tab?

@Grim, no there is only Cubase Pro 9 available in my ‘Downloads’ Tab

You should raise a support ticket if you didn’t already and maybe bump this thread once a day in the hope someone sees it than can link to the installers.
They unfortunately aren’t on the public ftp as far as I can see.

Will do - cheers Grim

Grim, I sent a private message.

Maybe you did…but not to me. :wink:

Well, you’re not completely wrong here :wink: Resent :mrgreen:

Maybe I wasn’t clear…but I was implying that D-Mac is the one who needs the PM…Not me.

Finally understood :wink: