HALion 4 license errors

I bought Cubase AI a year ago and with it comes Halion 4 but everytime I start Cubase I get this Halion 4 error message.

License error. No valid license for:
HALion Sonic Accordion 01
HALion Sonic Blues Harp 01
HAlion Sonic Electric Guitar 02…

…plus another 14 HALion instruments.

If I press ‘ok’ underneath this error message it continues onto the rest of the prrogram.

How do I get these license or get rid of these error message please??

H4 was a demo, Halion Sonic SE is included. Find the files and delete.

It looks like you installed a demo “content” set that has no license.
Not sure if it is a H4 content demo or a Halion Sonic content demo (not enough information given).
If you go to the control panel under installed programs you can uninstall the content set that is causing the problem.