Halion 4 newbie question

Hi fellow Halion 4 users.

I just got my caopy of Halion 4 today and i’m very excited.

I am used to Halion 3 and i have immediately hit a “wall”. In Halionj 3 i would normally load for example a kick sample on c1 and then a snare on d1 and so on - until i had all the sounds i wanted (all from external wav files). Then i would choose to route my kick to channel 2 and the snare to another channel (for example channel 3).

I woyuld like to be able to do this in Halion 4 - but i cant. As far as i can see i need a full programme for just one kick - set that to output 2 and then a full other program for the snare and then set that to output 3.

Thats annoying - because i would like to make a beat on ONE midi track with both kick, snare and all the other sounds in one track - but sending the audio to different mixer-channels.

Does anyone know how to do this in Halion 4 ??

Thanks in advance


You need to create new layers and import a sample to each layer. Right click on the program and create new -> layer, then highlight the new layer and import a sample. You can then set the output of each layer as well as have total control in general over everything separately. It is quite sweet actually once you get the handle of it.

I was able to do this myself by going to the Zone editor/ Amplifier section/Aux tab/ where the output setting for a selected sample in the selected program can be made, if that helps.

Yes, this works too. I actually made a thread on this very finding a few weeks back.