Halion 4 Outputs/Cubase Mixer

Hi all,

Seem to be having some trouble configuring something I thought would be so simple. How do you set up program output busses in the tree so that the added output shows up in Cubases Mixer along side the Halion Master Output channel? I want to be able to send individual/seperate Halion program outputs to my Side Chain Bus in Cubase. Please help, thanks!


I had trouble with his one too as it’s not glaringly obvious (to me anyway!).
In the VST instruments panel, there’s a small box with a right pointing arrow coming out of it (to the left of the instrument name). Selecting it will give you a drop down menu where you can either enable all Halion 4 outputs or select which ones you want.
You then need to set the output for the program you’re using in Halion 4, which can be done either in the slot rack (where it says “Master”) or in the mixer…or indeed, in the info bar at the top of the Halion 4 window.

Thanks Stuart… Much appreciated.