Halion 4 - overwhelming! - help importing samples?

Received my shiny new Halion 4 yesterday. It was an upgrade of Halion 3 which I have to admit I hardly used and never really got to grips with either.

Can anyone direct me to a nice simple guide somewhere? I find the videos on the Steinberg website rather flash and show how clever Halion is. The PDF manual seems rather overhwelming too!

At this stage, I mainly want to use it as a rompler - not only to play the existing samples included on the mediabay (Sonic etc) but also all the various samples I have collected on my PC over the years. So I wonder what the quickest and most effective way to import samples in bulk is. Just want to be able to play then rather than manipulating them etc at this stage.

Oh well, must just be me! :neutral_face: