Halion 4 problem

Hi, I was wondering if I can get some advice regarding a problem I have with Halion 4. Stick with me because I could end up droning on a bit lol!! :smiley:

I emailed Marcus (forum admin) with this problem and he advised me to contact Steinberg support. I have done this but am still waiting on a response so I thought I would post the topic on here to see what others thought.

About 18mnths ago (approx) I bought Halion Sonic + upgrade to Halion 4 pre-owned (also Cubase 5 with Cubase 6 upgrade). All the software wasn’t cheap but considering what I was getting it was a good deal. Everything is fully registered in my name and the seller supplied the dongle etc., so all above board. I received the boxed version of Cubase 5, cubase 6 upgrade and Halion Sonic. However, the upgrade from Halion Sonic to Halion 4 was via a download link. The seller supplied me this link on a pen drive.

I was able to install everything fine with no problems.

However…I am currently doing a fresh install on my PC (bought a SSD drive) and was going to start from scratch and only install the software that I use, this obviously included Cubase 6, Halion Sonic and Halion 4. But I have run in to a problem. I can’t find the pen drive (or the image of the pen drive that I saved due to an external HDD drive causing me problems a while back) that has the Halion 4 upgrade.

It is still fully licensed on my elicenser and dongle but I have only been able to install Cubase 6 (via Cubase 5 upgrade) and Halion Sonic because I physically have the software/cd’s.

I am extremely eager to get this resolved as soon as possible because I want to upgrade from Halion 4 to Halion 5 but I’m currently stuck as I have no way of reinstalling Halion 4 without the upgrade link from Halion Sonic. I have the email details etc., that the original owner had but it says the link expires within 14days and to make a copy…he did…I bought it…but I’ve now foolishly, and so unlike me, mislaid it.

Sorry for the long winded story and I’m sure many of you fell asleep after the first paragraph but if anyone has stayed to the end and can offer me any assurance that Steinberg will supply with a link again, I’d really appreciate it.


I have received links to downloads after scratch installs.

Also, look at the DVDs that came with Cubase. I think H4 trial came on one set of DVDs. You can install that and it will simply see your “real” license.

Hi, thanks so much for replying. Good to know that Steinberg will hopefully supply me with a download link…I just hope they don’t take too long!!

Just had a look through the supplied discs.

Cubase 5 has “VST sound collection” - “Halion Symphonic Orchestra (trial version) - VST sound instrument set and discs 1&2 16bit special edition” and The Grand SE3 trial version.

Cubase 6 has “quick start video tutorials” and Halion sonic disc 1&2 trial version.

Looks like I’ll still have to wait for a download link…

I bought H4 as a boxed version so I think you may need the actual disks because it’s a huge amount of sample data to have to download. As far as I can remember, there was no option to purchase H4 as a download, but perhaps someone who’s gone the same route – installed HALion sonic, upgraded to H4 via download – can advise.

All I can say is that those Steinberg products which were possible to upgrade via download link are all still available to me when I log into the Steinberg asknet online shop so if you have the login that was used at the time of the original purchase you should be able to get it there. That login is probably different to the login you use to access MySteinberg as they are different websites (even different companies?) and it would have been the reseller who registered in the online shop as a once-off in order to download the update.

It would be more convenient if the downloads were all available in MySteinberg instead, but at least you can see all your activation codes there, should you need them. In fact, seeing as these downloads are all useless without a valid license on the Steinberg Key, I don’t understand why they’re not just available for public download.

AFAIK you don’t need to install H4 to be able to install the H5 update. It’s about the license that needs to be updated.
When you order the H5 update you’ll get a downloadlink to a 1,4GB H5 installer. So for you that would be the fastest solution to get up and running ASAP. I’ve some issues standing out at support without any response. Could be support is under manned due to vacation.

no you don’t need to install halion 4 just install halion 5 and it will work

Hi guys, thanks all for replying.

OK, so if I buy the H5 upgrade then I’ll be fine?..I incorrectly presumed that the Halion 5 installation would need an installed Halion 4 to work. So the Halion 5 download link that I will receive will work fine because my Halion 4 license is still registered OK and H5 doesn’t need any data from Halion 4 to install fully/correctly? (I’m sure it is compressed but is the complete Halion 5 on a 1.4gb download :open_mouth: )

Sorry for labouring the point but if the above is the case that is great to know and I’ll upgrade once I get the PC running nice and smooth over the next day or two (although I would still appreciate a Halion 4 download link from Steinberg as I’m a bit OCD when it comes to having everything in order etc.,!!).

Thanks so much for the advice.

But, I don’t think the old content is in that install.

you only loose about 500 presets from what I can make out , on my daw there was about 4200 presets and on the laptop about 3700 it think its around that mark so you don’t loose to many

hang on i’ll blow my self up and find out for you :wink:

im getting to old for this swapping the dongle over malarkey , it looks like there is about 500 presets difference ,but I could be completely wrong in which case Ignore me !!!

Seriously? What the hell was on all those DVD’s with the original H4 boxed version? :astonished:

Don’t blow yourself up over my thread :laughing:

I’ll hold off until I hear back from Steinberg. I would like to think they will supply me with a link to redownload Halion 4 considering I have the full license etc., It’s just sheer stupidity that has got me in this dilemma. I am always so careful with my software too and now I’ve made a balls up :confused:

Even losing 500 presets would annoy me because I’m the type of idiot that likes to have everything…and then use about 10% of it!! :ugeek:

I know im highly confused as I expected when installing the h5 on the laptop there would be a problem with lack of content but Steinberg content came back as 3741 presets .Ive got exactly the same setup on the station but that had h4 installed before h5 and the rsets are 4221 . Im stumped , maybe those cd’s were blank and just used to fill the box with :wink:

… I hear you :ugeek: :ugeek: Steinberg depend on the likes of us.

… there was stuff on them alright; perhaps Steinberg have invented the mother of all compression algorithms? The perception of value is key. Ever notice the cover disks on magazines? “Over 8GB of samples!” – the fact that most of them are of the same flatulence in 16 different formats is not mentioned though.

Even Steinberg have been known to do it in the past :wink:
One content so many formats :astonished:

IIRC the actual content of H4/HalionSonic was approx. 12GB. Those 12GB’s obviously aren’t in the H5 update installer.
I suspect the 12GB extra sounds are on the Cubase 6/7 DVD because all the Halion versions (Sonic, SE Pro, Basic blabla) were based on the same 906 layers (Halion Sonic Factory Content). The difference was in the programs made with those layers.
H5 adds 142 new layers (a small 400MB).


Well that’s cleared that up i’ll be able to sleep tonight now and I haven’t blown myself up which is a bonus :wink:

And I do believe this was mention the other day about the only sample content that add been added was for B box which was about the size you just mentioned IIRC

… mmmm … I have to say, software doesn’t stress me out that much usually. Just as an aside, if you are planning to be in my area anytime soon, could you PM me in advance please?

… possibly; well spotted!

It’s ok I was a bit stressed with resoldering all my van damme looms 6 x 32 neutrik connectors .oh what a fun day :smiley:

sorry to hog the OP’s thread , I do believe Steinberg setup a download link for someone for a similar reason (swapping from pc to mac )less than a month ago , customer support seem to be on the ball at the moment so it shouldn’t take long to get a link .
Or ask if anyone has a copy on cloud you could download ???