Halion 4 reverb - also outside of Halion?

At least to my ears, the algorithmic reverb in Halion 4 sounds better than the Roomworks plugin in Cubase 5.5. It seems to be lower on CPU, too.
Is there a way to use it as a plugin outside of Halion 4? To my knowledge, Halion4 can’t be used as a FX, and I guess Cubase 6 (I am on 5.5) still only has Roomworks as a algorithmic reverb plugin.



I am sorry to say, but you can not use the HALion 4 as an FX for other VSTi etc.
The HALion 4 Effects can only be used within the HALion 4.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Maybe it would be worth a consideration to add the Halion reverb as a plug-in effect to the next version of Cubase.
(…except I am the only one that prefers the Halion reverb over Roomworks).