Halion 4, RX2, 88khz, double speed

I was really disappointed to find out the hard way today, that RX2 samples auditioned through the sample browser, playback way out of their original tempo + pitch, when the sample rate of your project is set to anything but 44.1khz. :astonished:

If the projects sample rate is set to 44.1khz, the loops playback as intended, at their original tempo and pitch. If I go any higher on the projects sample rate, the pitch and tempo of the loops in the sample browser change with it. I am working on projects at 88khz now and the pitch and tempo of the RX2 loops are literally double when set to this. Go figure, as 88khz is double that of 44khz.

WAV files do not seem to be affected.

This really is a shame, as it makes it quite difficult to properly audition my drum loops without them sounding like shoes in a dryer if my projects sample rate is set to anything higher than 44.1khz. I either have to look for WAV alternatives, or just import and hope for the best that they are what I am wanting for the current project.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Is there a way around this, or is this a serious limitation of the way the Halion 4 sample browser relies on the projects tempo to determine its playback pitch + tempo??

I’ve noticed because I work at 96/24 all the time. I didn’t complain because Steinberg have provided crappy rx2 support across the board. I didn’t expect it to work. Probably bad that I’m just accepting stuff like this. But, it is another companies format.

Bah, so I am not alone and it seems there is no workaround either. Thanks for your time in replying. This really sucks, it means I have to constantly jump around between sample rates to properly audition RX2 loops, or find another alternative which basically eliminates the need for the sample browser. The sample browser integration to me was for the browsing of such loops, where as the Mediabay is used for other types of sounds better suited to a Mediabay type environment. So now I have Cubase 6 Mediabay and the Halion 4 sample browser providing shitty, practically useless RX2 support when it comes to auditioning. Neither synced the playback to the projects tempo which was bad enough, but to play in double time and pitch is just ridiculous, how can anyone get anything out of what they are hearing at that playback speed to know if that is the sound they are after?