Halion 4 special pricing for Cubase 6 user ?

Hi there,

I’m sure I read something from Steinberg saying that if I purchased Cubase 6 then I would get special reduced pricing
on other products. I’m checking out Halion 4 - but the only price I’m seeing (in the online shop) is the regular $349.

Is this it or is there a cheaper price if I’ve purchased Cubase 6 ?



Haven’t heard of this, but,
Since i am one step away from getting halion4, it would be good to know if there actually is a discounted price for C6 users before I get it;)

happy new year in advance;)

I was a Halion 3 user and I upgraded to Halion 4 at a special price. I don’t think there is a special pricing for Cubase users…