Halion 4 trial problem here

Downloaded the Halion 4 trial and installed it. Attempted to run it & got an error message saying a license for Halion 4 wasn’t present on my e-licenser.

…but it’s the trial version! What’s wrong here?

Attempting to run it in FL Studio 10, on Windows 7 home premium SP1. I have an e-licenser since I have Halionsonic (want to test out the sample features in Halion 4 obviously, as well as its reading of other formats).

make sure you obtain and install the very latest elicencer version as it contains new database updates etc, for new releases that your older, current version won’t recognize.

I have the latest e-licenser already, directly from their update site. Same problem.

Weird thing is now Halionsonic opens w/ the same error. It still works though, it just mentions on open that Halion 4 doesn’t for some reason.