Halion 4 trial

I just downloaded the Halion 4 trial and pdf manual. After a bit of reading and playing around I still can’t “activate” the zones … filters, oscillators, pitch control, etc etc etc. All of the available options are highlighted in a row but when I click on them they don’t open up. The solution to very this simple problem would be much appreciated.

The bonus, what is the difference between 1/1 … 1/1T … and 1/1D? Google offers no help.

I know these are lame questions but I am new to this stuff and I am this forum has been a blessing with all the help provided. (Being a bit mushy, must be the holiday season or something.)

Anyway, as usual, any input is appreciated.


Opened the program up again and for some reason the zones are active and accessable. So, this post is probably moot at this point.

Have a great Holiday.