Halion 4 update slow to arrive in UK

There doesn’t seem to be a single retailer that has it as yet. Are Steinberg hogging them all for their Shop or something? £93.19 is a bit steep when you can order it in your own country for £10 less! £10 is £10 in these difficult times!

Same here in Canada. No where to be found. I cannot even order it in from the US either. At least you have an option to order from within Europe. I agree, 10 quid is a lot of extra to spare for impatience. I am trying to wait till multiple vendors have it stocked so I can shop around for the best price too. Certainly don’t have a lot extra to just throw away right now.

It’s not £93 - it’s £83.


Had mine last week!

£93.29 (including delivery)

It still hasn’t arrived!