halion 4 upgrade query

I have a win7 64-bit system running cubase studio 5.5.3 and Halion 3.
Will halion 4 upgrade work with C.St. 5.5.3 as this is the final version,
or do I need to upgrade to Cubase 6.
Ta Dave

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Sorry Elektrobolt, but reading thru the 3 pages of HAL 4, I can only find a reference
to Cubase 5.5.3, - no mention of STUDIO. If this also applies to Cubase STUDIO 5.5.3, then fine.
I was concerned that the STUDIO version might not be eligible for HAL 4.

I am truly sorry, but it seems like another of my replies didn’t actually post (save) properly. :frowning:

I am not sure what you mean by “eligable” here, however Cubase Studio 5 can use VST plug-ins which makes HALion 4 compatible, since it comes both in VST3.5 and VST2.4. With a VST2.4 (only) compatible host, you won’t be able to use all the features, of course.

All “editions” of Cubase of the same version are mostly compatible across the board with core things, say for what makes them fundementally different, or editions would be pointless. :slight_smile: Scale is another thing that usually defines a difference between editions, less channels, less plug-ins/slots/sounds, high grade inclusions (e.g. REVerence, Surround), etc.

Thanks for the info. I’ll go ahead and buy it.
Am I right in assuming that the Studio version of Cubase finishes forever at 5.5.3,
or does (will?) Cubase 6 have a Studio 6 version. The full C6 is an overkill for me.
Ta Dave

Anytime, Dave.

I think that Cubase Studio translates into one of the new “editions” of Cubase, though I am not sure which.