HALion 4 vs HALion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi everyone!
My name is Gal Shemesh and I’m new to the forum.

A bit of background: I work with Cubase for many years with friends and two days ago I’ve purchased Cubase 6 along with HALion 4 for my personal use at home. Well basically I paid for these 2 products but the Cubase 6 package is in shipping at the moment so the reseller suggested me to download a trial for 30 days until it arrives. So currently I have only HALion 4 retail and a trial version of Cubase 6. Anyway I’m so existing with this purchase but I do have a question regarding the HALion 4 vs the HALion Symphonic Orchestra.

Basically although HALion 4 includes a bunch of sounds in its library, I wanted to purchase the HALion Symphonic Orchestra at first as I was looking for orchestra instruments because I don’t need any VST Sampler as most of my creations are base on orchestra arrangement. Well, the official reseller has told me that there are no copies of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra left even for the store to order, but on the other hand said that there is no need for the HALion Symphonic Orchestra as Steinberg published the HALion 4 which includes the Symphonic Orchestra instruments already inside.

I wanted to know if it’s true that HALion 4 includes an entire orchestra instruments set and if that’s the reason why I can’t find the HALion Symphonic Orchestra under Products → VST section at Steinberg’s website anymore.

In case an orchestra arrangement exists in HALion 4, I would really want to know if there’s an easy way to filter the orchestra instruments set from the whole sounds library.

Thank you!

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Gal Shemesh

with Cubase6 there comes a trial of HSO-instumentset, I think, you have to buy the license separatly.(at a smaller price)
Then Halion4 has 110 Halion Symphonic Orchestra Sounds , an you only have to choose this Intrumentset in the Mediabay, then you only see this Orch.sounds.
I don´t really know for sure, but I think, it´s the same content as HSO was, but the Interface it´s much better.

Hi Mike,
Thank you so much for your response!

After navigating in the forum I’ve found this post Artist 6 to Full Question. - #9 by Raymondo - Cubase - Steinberg Forums and downloaded the ISO image (6.24 GB) of the HSO. Afterwards I’ve placed an order online for the HSO license key and managed to implement it in my eLicenser USB. So far so good. :smiley:

However I was glad to hear from you that the hard copy of the HSO comes with Cubase 6 box. I’ve also made some research today and realized that the confusion of mine is because the Cubase 6 details under the ‘Products’ section at Steinberg’s website doesn’t say anything about the trial of the HSO that comes in the package. However if you go to the ‘Cubase’ under the ‘Shop’ section you will find the following:

HALion Symphonic Orchestra - VST Sound Instrument Set (Activation Code)
Activation Code to permanently activate your copy of HALion Symphonic Orchestra - VST Sound Instrument Set that came with Cubase 6. After installation, HALion Symphonic Orchestra is accessible through HALion Sonic SE that is part of Cubase 6. Only for Cubase 5 and Cubase 6.

I’ve bold the forgotten but yet important line at the description. :slight_smile:

The only question remains now is this: Do you know if the HSO that comes with Cubase 6 package is the same as the one I downloaded (6.24 GB)? Because I’ve seen this post Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg and the guy there says that when he purchased Cubase 5, he received 2 DVD discs of the HSO which are 11 GB Total size while the retail package of the HSO according to the information I found over the internet is 27GB!
It might be that the guy at that post calculated the total size of the discs rather than after installation on the hard drive. But in both cases (11GB or 27GB), it’s way above 6.24GB of a single dual layer disc. Therefore I fear that the retail package of the HSO (which costs $499.99 at Amazon Amazon.com) includes much more instruments and articulations than the one that comes along with Cubase 6 (which you can turn into the full version via a license that costs only 84.03 EUR/109.71 USD)

Any response will be appreciated.

Thanks again!

Best regards,
Gal Shemesh

Hi Gal,

okay, here´s the link of Cubase 6 with HSO trial version included:
I think, it´s the 16bit version of HSO with 6,2GB on DVD, uncompressed it might have 11GB.
The full retail package has the 16bit versions with 11GB and the 24bit version with 16GB, totally 27GB.
It´s the Halion 3 version and has also more single programs than the HalionSonic/Halion4 version, but as far I can see,
it´s the same sample content. In HS/H4 one single program has more articulation included, therefore there is a smaller number of programs.
The higher price is only to pay, if you need the 24bit samples.


Thanks a lot Mike, you were of great help!

I guess it’s time for me to attend to my new Cubase 6, HALion 4 & HSO extensions that I purchased and to compose some music…

Gal Shemesh