Halion 4 with Maschine drag and drop and Plug-in GUI trouble

2 Problems with Halion 4 when I try to use it as a VSTI in another program.

When I open Halion 4 in the Maschine software, the plug-in window of Halion 4 isn’t build up correctly (Halion-4-in-Maschine-01.jpg), or actually it’s too small. When I reload a Halion 4 screenset the window has the correct size (Halion-4-in-Maschine-02.jpg) untill I close and re-open the editor again.

I’m unable to drag and drop files from the Maschine file browser to Halion 4 (and PadShop Pro). Although I can drag and drop from the desktop or an explorer window.

Anyone found a solution for these problems?