Halion 5.1.10 update query

I’m in the middle of rebuilding my laptop following a Windows 10 upgrade and have been struggling with the Halion5 / Sonic2 installation, maybe someone could give me a hint.
Originally, I thought I had correctly installed only to find instruments missing so decided to do a complete reinstall using HALion 5.1.10 Full Version from the site.
After using Programms & Features to uninstall Halion & Sonic, I downloaded and installed but when I checked the version number in the “About” tab it is reporting I have Halion installed (and Sonic 2 is, I believe this should be 2.0.10). I have uninstalled again and also removed all remaining Halion/Sonic folders before a further installation only to be met with the same result.
I have read previous posts suggesting a need to edit the Registry for update issues and am wondering whether something similar might be necessary but am not too sure what might require editing.
Anyone got any other suggestions/ideas?
Many Thanks

No suggestions?
Could someone please confirm that when you check the version number it actually shows that HALion is at 5.1.10?

It does here. In the interest of just getting to work, have you applied the 5.1.1 update? (yes, I see the illogic…)