Halion 5.5 feature request


Please, make possible to load Scala scale with more than 12-per-octave divisions, and make Scale Root Key knob, able to automate

I’m all for updates to the tuning mode system, but isn’t what you are requesting what the notes section is for? I only have a vague grasp of scala tuning files. So would appreciate if you would elaborate? My understanding …

Octaves = creating temperaments on traditional tuning.
Notes = elongating/shortening scale widths.

Root Key feature exist at such instruments, as Vienna Instrument and Kontakt. For example, we have scale, where only second note is upper by 7 cent. For C-dur this note is is C#. But, if I need to play G-dur? I need to make and load different G-dur Scale? If I have 18 parts in octave, I need to make 18 scales… …or just to set Root Key knob to any of 18 steps. (if knob “Root key” exist)
Root Kontakt.jpg
Root Key ViPro.jpg

Sorry, I missed that you had replied. You can automate the root key in H5, which will shift the pitch within the micro scale. Not sure if that’s what you are after or not.