Halion 5 AAX support.

I’m currently moving over from an Osx/Logic system to a Windows 8/Pro Tools system and I’m just wanting to know if Halion 5 supports AAX or whether it will support AAX in the future? I can’t seem to find much information about it.

Given the (almost bizzare) licencing conditions for AAX it is highly unlikely that Steinberg, or any other company that is in competition with Avid will ever develop for AAX

That’s a shame. I hope this changes in the future. Thank you

There is a pretty good workaround. Take a look at VSL Ensemble Pro 5:


With it, you can run Pro Tools 11 on your Windows 7/8 PC and run VSL Ensemble Pro 5 at the same time on the same windows computer. Then, any VST Instruments (like HAlion 5) can be loaded into VSL Ensemble Pro 5, and can be accessed and triggered via MIDI within Pro Tools 11. VSL Ensemble Pro 5 acts like an VST to AAX wrapper, but actually does whole lot more. It is very, very stable and even allows you to access VST plug-ins running on other networked PC’s. You can also access AU plug-ins running on other networked MAC computers.

If you wanna run HALion 5 (or any other VST Instruments) on your PC within Pro Tools 11, then VSL Ensemble Pro 5 is your solution.

You should check out “Blue Cat’s MB-7 Mixer” which is awsome and allows VST plugins in Pro Tools…

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i think it would be a new one made just for aax why not i would buy it some like me would prefer a steinberg instrument to use in those system
here’s a name steinberg’s new Hyper 1 AAX made for AAX . :smiley: