Halion 5 Add In Licence

Halion 5 Add On Licence to retain access to Halion on machines which won’t run Halion 6.

Anyone in the UK managed to get one of these from support yet?

How long did it take?


No matter which country you live in, the requests are treated in Germany, and there’s been radio silence regarding this issue for over a week now.

Nope still waiting after over a week now and 3 requests

I thought I’d seen one post on here from a user in Canada who had received one after about 5 days but no others referenced. Im at 6 days now.


I received my add on license within a couple of days going through Steinberg Canada…guess it helps that we’re sparsely populated.
I put in the request after I bought and installed H6 before I activated it. After activation , I was sent the H5 Licence.
Everything seems to be working (H5 on Cubase 7.5 32bit and H6 on Cubase 8.5 64bit, Win 7 64bit on the same computer).
My presets are intact.
But when I went to open a Cubase 7.5 H5(32) project in my Cubase 8.5 with H6 there were some error messages.
I just closed it. I didn’t want to put it to further tests.
If I keep the two seperate , all runs fine.

Interesting. So they’re treating version 6 as an entirely new plugin? For instance, if you open up a project with version 5 and it, it will look for version 5 even if you have version 6 installed?

I opened some more Cubase 7.5 (32) projects that used H5 In cub 8.5 and it was replaced with H6…and they opened fine.
I was also able to have Halion Sonic SE2 and Sonic 3 open in the same project.
So everything seems well integrated.

That is great news. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know that.

8 days and no response to request for licence here in the UK. A working on it response would have been nice.

So have raised another request which is not exactly going to help support workloads of email management.

So still unable to install Halion 6 without killing access to Halion 5 on my 32 bit machines which won’t run it.

Anyone in UK got one yet?


David, do you get an auto-response email when you fill out the service form?

If I where you I would call them and talk to them, It´s faster that way :wink:

The process so far…
1: When raising the request in My Steinberg, an auto response of received is raised.
2: Today at 10 days I got an actual response and was told to activate the Halion 6 licence so support could issue the Add on.(I assume it’s their simplest way of confirming purchase).
3 : I activated this morning and sent an email confirmation assuming I would get an immediate response (I hadn’t activated as I did not want to lose access to my machines which can’t run Halion 6)
4 : No licence arrived today, so now I have lost access to Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2 on my other machines the objective I was trying to avoid. Time is money. Let’s hope the licence arrives tomorrow.

When someone takes away your tools it’s hard to continue your work at the same standard.


Still waiting…13 days is ridiculous

Hi Musing,

Please send me a PM with your full name, email address, ticket number and eLicenser number and I’ll take care of it.

Thankyou - I have got it now and Hypersonic 2 is working again.

Seems the wait was around 10-13 days then. got my H5 Add on licence today so good to go there

Unfortunately for me I have discovered another problem with a non activated Halion Sonic Upgrade licence bought originally for Hypersonic 1 upgrade, which I’d overlooked as I had also purchased the full Halion at the same time. As the full Halion licence ran the software, I hadn’t activated the upgrade.

Now it won’t activate due to all the licence changes in the Halion line since. So something I paid for I can’t use at present.

Have raised with support, but from all the FAQ on HS3 it looks like this would need to be replaced with a Halion2 Add on licence to give me back the functionality of a second licence I originally paid for.

Will see how this pans out, would have probably not discovered this if the Halion 5/6 licence problem hadn’t arisen.

The peril of software licensing management in a busy studio.


So it seems I have to get one of those licences to get HALion to open HALion 3 hsb files. I quite liked some of the patches there, and some old tracks sort of depend on them.

How do I get one of those licences? I email them??

Contact support through your MySteinberg, or just crossgrade to Absolute 3 if you don’t want to wait.