Halion 5 and 3 monitors

Absolutely beautiful to be able to work like this .

Love it !!! :wink:

Jealous …

My main setup is 30" middle + 24" left/right …

However, over the last three months … lefty was acquired by a family member and righty died shortly there-after. I’m trying to live with the 30, but once you go multi, it’s hard to go back. But, I’ve been waiting for the 4k world to evolve a bit before adding stuff back in.

4k does look very interesting and in a generation or 2 i’ll jump on board but for now my little 22" jobbies are good enough .
She takes a little bit of time loading like this but it’s rock solid once loaded . Everything his been logical .
So easy to work with like this but it’s a shame you can’t load your presets in to HS2 to save on cpu when playing your library in Cubase :unamused:

I keep thinking I’ll figure out how to do this … that’s exactly how I want to use it. Create in H5 … work in HS2.

It makes sense , im hoping Steinberg have got some plans for this function ,it would be another nice integration for for Steinberg , big brother making presets for it’s little bro’s ,sounds bloody good to me :wink:

+1 on this ! Create with H5 and play with HS2 !