HALion 5 and HALion Sonic 2 released

Perfect. :smiley:

Yes, even the installer is as it should be.

I hope Cubase 7.5 or at least 8.0 will be of the same overall level of quality.

I upgraded from HalionSonic to Halion4 on May 19, am I eligible for the free upgrade to H5?

If yes, do I get the free upgrade to HS2 as well?


and yes halion 2 is included

some plonker was in such a rush yesterday to buy H5 that he didn’t realise he bought H4 well within the grace period . :laughing:

Ive sent Matthias a private message to see if this can be refunded . :wink:

Hm, my question is falling on deaf ears. :cry: I guess I will wait for the trial download and answer my own questions…

Cantankerous? Your signature says C6 and yet you say you purchased C7. Are you perhaps using Halion5 in C6? Can you record a loop in the keyboard and drag the results to C6? Does the C6 mixer interface with the multivoice Halion5, like C7 does? Or will it only function this way with C7?

Hi there,

I apologize for not responding quicker. In all honesty, I am currently using Cubase 7 and have not updated my signature, sorry for the confusion!

Though I cannot be 100% certain, I am fairly certain you will not have an issue with HALion 5 and Cubase 6.5 and all of its functions. I was using HALion 4 with Cubase 6.5 and it worked flawlessly. HALion 5 is not much different at all in terms of how HALion works, just new stuff added. Perhaps someone can chime in specifically, but I don’t think drag and dropping of midi from HALion to Cubase 6.5 will be an issue as HALion 4 and Cubase 6.5 allowed drag and dropped to and from the two applications for samples etc. I have seen no mention at all about Cubase 7 being needed to full HALion functionality, in fact, HALion is not made to be a Cubase only sampler, it can work in other VST2/VST3 hosts and no limitations have been mentioned in using hosts other than Cubase.

Best of luck!

Thanks, Cantankerous. Hopefully there will be a trial download soon. Frankly, H5 seems like a must have on so many levels. Um, that said, I still wish Steinberg would spend more time on the DAW side of things! :laughing:

Can I buy the online upgrade $99.00 for my Halion 4 EDU license? Will it work? Or is it there a Halion 5 EDU Upgrade?

you will be fine with the update it offers for $99.

Please, implement VST3Preset import from Padshop and Retrologue. (just core snapshot, without FX section)
I really need it due limitations of the Halion 5 automation rules (8 custom parameters per slot)

Request added to “Feature Requests and Suggestions” section https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=197&t=45464

Ehm…just a short question…which automation limit?
Are you talking about the QCs?

Midi CC Automation is not limited and could be used, just Right-Mouse Click over the knob and choose learn cc.

Or did I miss something?

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I had this same question and we discussed it a bit on another forum. I think this may be partially a language issue, but my take is that he uses Novation and automap works in an intuitive way with Padshop and Retrologue, so it is a simple/intuitive thing to use the keyboard with those plugs to create patches. H4/5 has a mess of mappings that you have to do yourself and isn’t quite as intuitive for patch creation when you are treating H5 as a simple “VA”. Which is true if you look at it in that narrow use case.

So, what I got out of it is he wants to continue to create the patches in the stand alone apps and port them to H5.

I hope I’m not putting words in zizi’s mouth.

Does the H4 to H5 upgrade ($99) allow me to download the entire sample content of H5 (full version) ? or is the full version content of H5 only available if I purchase the boxed full version ?

I’m also guessing that there is no boxed full (upgrade version from H4 to H5), that comes with the full sample content of H5 ?

A bit confused about the content of the H4 to H5 upgrade download content. Any feedback would be helpful.



I just downloaded the update, but the readme says OSX 10.7 and 10.8 only. My studio machine is on 10.6.8

Can I install this and expect it to run reliably on SnowLeopard? I have a Lion upgrade in my AppStore account which I used for my old iMac, but I am kind of happy with SL.

Hi there!
I’ve just purchased Halion 5 from Absolute VST upgrade.
Some samples are missing, in the Halion 4 programs folder.
So some presets are unavailable.
I have install and reinstall all " for all users" under Windows 7 64 bits.

Best regards.

And this Halion is very beautiful :slight_smile:

I’m talking about host automation (QC parameters)
Novation Automap/Kore Controller uses this automation type for bidirectional data feedback.

Don’t you get the grace period update to Halion 5 for free then, or were you not within the time allowance?

Just found out about this yesterday, so followed the instructions for the grace period update and cannot download the file, gets “interrupted” between 30 and 70% and cannot resume download as the link is lost. Tried 8 times now, trying both the “run” and “save file to disk” options, both with no success. The “run” option starts an installer but stops within a couple of seconds as it says that the installation file is corrupt and to download a fresh copy.
Also cannot use the link in MySteinberg support to enable sending my details to supplier so that I can actually get some support on this… what’s going on??

Just a thought: perhaps a crossgrade offer for Kontak-owners to make H5 even more popular would be a nice idea? :wink: