Halion 5 at 192 khz - problem

Hi, guys! Try to play any synth patch from Hal 5 at 192 khz sample rate! I have a very loud glitchy distortion sounds at this SR. Other SR seems to be OK, but 192 khz… :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Have you tried increasing the audio card buffer size?

Yes, I tried! 1024 samples and 2048! Not help! Looks like a glitch and distort only at right halion’s channel, left channel working normally.

p.s. halion 5 and cubase 7 - x64 versions both.

I recall the FX “Vintage Ensemble” inserted in a bus will cause a harsh digital noise burst @ 192Khz?
Did you try disabling Halion’s FX to rule them out?

Niles, thank yo so much!! I tried to delete ‘vintage ensemble’ and no more any harsh and distortion here!

Also, there is graphical bug in sample edit window - Rate shows 92000 on 192khz files