halion 5 crashes

Hello again.

I do have 3 important question to ask,
hope anyone would bother answering my

1: Recently my Halion 5, has begun crashing
after tweaking around with knobs, using audio samples!.
Suddenly a pop message ( sometimes mulitply
popup windows appears saying “fatal error exceptions error handling”

I did look in the crash dump file, did’nt make anything out
of the crash dump file.
I even repaired the installation , by running
Halion64 setup.exe, did’nt help at all.
Maybe i should remove Halion 5, reinstalling
Halion 4.5 from the original disc ( to get the contents
of halion 4.5), then reinstall Halion 5 ?!.

Damn , i really hate reinstalling things!.

2: I am thinking about to sample the Yamaha
piano from the DGX630, all 88 keys will be
recorded, but what is the most appropriate way of
doing sampling the Yamaha piano as a Halion instrument ?.
Should i use 88khz 24 bit resolution when recording
the Yamaha piano, using
Wavlab Element 8? ( analog recording).
Should i record atleast 2 sampling per key
with 2 different velocity ?.
I would record every thing in one big wavfile.
Then use Cubase Element slicing loop tools,
to split the wavfile into 88 pieces of audio files!.

3: I have HSO, but can i use the expression map
with either Halion Sonic Se, Halion Sonic 2 or
Halion 5 ?. (using Cubase Element 7) ?.

My pc has Norton 360, no virus, everything
works perfect on my pc, execpt Halion!.

open a support ticket and send your crash dump to Steinberg

I dont’t know how to do that, but
i am gonna figure it out soon.

Thank you.

You can create a support request from the My Support tab in My Steinberg.

Ooh yes, i saw it before, when i was logged in.

Now i will reinstall halion complety from
scratch, but before i do that, i’m gonna
save a copy of the crash dump file, including
all my created patch’es.
Then i’ve have a check, if halion behave
the same way as before , crashing , or not!.
If the problems still persist, i will send a support ticket
with the dump crash text file.

ooh my god, something bad happened.
I was removing my usb licenser from my pc,
i accidently broke a small piece of the usb licenser.
Fixed it withe some duct tape.

While i was holding the usb licenser with
one hand doing something else with the other
hand, i suddently lost the usb licenser in
a glass of water.
Now i am really stressed like hell.
Did dry the usb licenser for an half hour.
The usb elicenser is beginning reporting
no license is installed.
I have something like over 500£ worth of
software from steinberg, now it may be
I quickly called up the steinberg retailer (they know me!).
The salesman said , he will do every thing to help me, without paying
another 500£ again!.
pew!. I am an idiot. losing my usb elicenser!.

The usb elicenser is now working again, i think,
because i can run all steinberg product.
I will get a new usb elicenser , the salesman will
transfer all my dearly bought licenser to an new
usb elicenser.

The salesman fixed all my license and tranfered all license to a new usb elicenser.

Every things now work 100%.

But when i was logged in to my steinberg, all my product was removed ?,

So i did go the license control center and transfered all license information to Steinberg
server, now i see all my license appeared on my acount!.

i guess i was stressed out, because of this usb license thing that happened to me!.

Glad you got it fixed :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

I’ve keep the usb elicenser in a safe place
away from water etc, i dont trust my self,
regarding usb elicenser.

Actually i have been with Steinberg product since
Pro 24 for Atari with the red plastic key.
Never had any serious issues corncerning steinberg

Wow when it rains it pours :open_mouth: :cry: Sorry to hear about your bad luck
I am glad you got it worked out :smiley: