Halion 5 Demo

I have downloaded the Halion 5 demo and would now like to purchase a license. Of course now that the 30 day trial period has expired the program won’t start at all. I thought that there would be an option to buy a license for Halion 5 when the demo expired.
Now, if I just go on to the Steinberg shop and buy the product for download, only not download it again, and just attempt to use the license code I get to activate my current Halion 5 software, will that work?
Yes, I have the eLicenser, I bought it with Groove Agent 4 , January of 2015, and downloaded Halion 5 Demo the same month.
I have to say that I WILL NOT download the software again. Now that I’m on a metered internet provider it would cost me 165USD to download the 10GB package. :cry:
I’m thinking there should be no problem but want to ask about this first.
Thanks to the knowledgeable for your help.
Mark Hammer

Woe, that’s some pricey bandwidth!

Unless things have changed since I purchased it, you’re going to want to download the full version at some point. It does have more content that you’ll be missing out on otherwise.

Sorry I can’t answer on the possibility of unlocking the demo with a proper key, as I didn’t try that.

Could you get a friend with unlimited bandwidth to burn DVDs or USB sticks for you?
Maybe a trip to a public library could get you sorted?

Here’s a snapshot showing the size of the package components.
The dmg is the Mac version, and all the rest are for the PC.

Thanks Brian;
It seems the demo that I downloaded is pretty well complete. The whole package is zipped and 10.1GB is the size of that. It installed with no problem and if there are any other instruments it’s no concern because I’m pleased with what is there. The software is fully functional and I have a huge sample library already. Some of which I have already experimented with in Halion 5.
Mathias sent a PM confirming that the Activation Code you get with the purchase will work for the demo install. The file I have installed is updated to 5.1.10
The thing that I don’t like is that I can’t play the instruments created with Halion 5 in Sonic 2. OK, it’s understandable that Steinberg wants to protect the H5 content library. But the user created instruments should be useable. This would be good because the Sonic 2 footprint is so much leaner and will be more reliable/stable when performing or recording.
Otherwise Sonic 2 is worthless to me. I uninstalled it and all it’s content, which looked like a mess of nonsense to me.
To someone familiar with Berlin culture it might make sense but I have no clue what those crazy names mean, and no desire to plug away at the library to find out. Rather design my own.
Thanks again Brian;