Halion 5 Imported Sample Nightmare with two Machines

I was a long time Gigastudio User (where have all of those people gone?) and have an extensive sample library for that product. Years ago that software went away leaving us flapping in the wind.

Halion generally does a good job of importing these samples into a playable form but a lousy job of organizing them across two machines.

Here’s my situation and problem:

I am a composer and sound designer.

I have two computers a Windows 7 Desktop in the studio and a MacBook Pro for remote work. I often have the need to work on a project on one machine and then the other.

The Problem: I import samples to an external hard drive, the central location for imported samples. I but when I attempt to open the project on the machine I didn’t import the samples with, Halion can’t find some or all of the samples.. The “search for missing samples” dialog comes up and I’ll point it to the folder where the samples live but it often doesn’t find them, even though they’re right there. There’s often a folder at the top that says “double click to register”. When I double click, it takes me to a folder dialog and I’m supposed to select something, I guess but nothing ever works. When I search for “double click to register” in the 1100 page Halion manual, no results are found.

So, my SUGGESTION is, I guess, please make this part of the program more robust. I need to work between two machines. I’m sure my situation is not uncommon.

This situation is slowing down my workload.

Is the external drive mapped to the same identifier (drive letter, label, etc.) on both machines?

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. Drive letters don’t exist on the Mac operating system. The name of the drive appears the same on both machines. Is there something else I should be looking for?