HALion 5 in Cubase 8 pro too small

Halion5 vst in Cubase has fixed borders and is too small
How to fix this ?
halion5_te klein.jpg

You can resize Halion as you want look at your manual

Normally it should working the HAlion5 Vst and opens with the right dimensions…there is no need for enlarge the VST screen
But it nows open with a too small screen what cannot be made larger by me?

This happened here as well if I load the VST2 Vesion of HALion5.
The VST3 version works as expected.

Thanks!.. now we get to somewhere…a possible solution
I noticed in Cubase 8 pro the version of HAlion5 was VST2.4 …there is now also VST 3 version too?
Then i must download this Vst3 version of HALion5 !!!

In the past time i collected a lot separated files from Halion5 and now i can load the latest HAlion5 version from the Steinberg website.

If this is the case of a obselote version of HALion5 in Cubase 8 pro …why can there be no error message in Cubase8 Pro what telling me that i used wrong version?