Halion 5 includes Halion Sonic 2?

I was interested in buying Halion Sonic 2 but there is a great offer on Halion 5 at the moment
I read on Halion 5’s product page that it “Includes the full version of HALion Sonic 2”
Does that mean that If I buy it I ll have full access to Halion Sonic 2 GUI and all the patches etc or is it just that the sounds of HS2 are included in H5’s interface?
I like HS2 interface (I read that it is lighter on the cpu also) but the option to to do some sound design with H5 is certainly useful

Yes, I believe it does.

Maybe the absolute collection is more your cup of thee?

Thanks for your answer. Well, honestly the absolute collection is too expensive for me. The current deal on H5 is only $175 for a few days :slight_smile: