Halion 5 is ALWAYS Receiving CC from MOX6 pedal

Hi everyone. I am using a MOX 6 with the expression pedal assigned to CC11. When I use Halion 5 in Cubase 8 OR in Standalone the pedal affects the volume of Halion 5. I cannot figure this out. How do I un Assign the CC. I need to be able to use the expression pedal with the MOX while leaving Halion 5 unaffected by it. Please help TIA

CC 11 is in the GM Protocol for expression volume, so most instruments are going to respond to this.

While H5 does have some obvious methods to filter pitch bend, CC4 (foot controller), and a few others, I’m not seeing anything obvious to filter CC11 from inside H5 itself.

You can use a transformer to have CuBase filter CC11 from the track inspector.
It might be a good idea to assign that foot controller to something else, unless of course you intend for it to handle expression volume. CC4 is recommended in the GM protocol for the assignable continuous foot controller. H5, Sonic, and others, also have handy features for filtering out CC4.

If your MIDI controller doesn’t provide a way to change the CC assignment for your pedal, then you could use transformers to change it into whatever you like. In addition to the 4 global, and 4 local transformers at the top of the inspector, you can also add more as ‘track inserts’.

Thank you so much, I mean really thanks. :smiley: