Halion 5 missing vst sound files

I have just purchased VST Absolute and Halion 5 upgrade.
I encounter 2 problems.
With Hyptonic Dance as a vst plugin, the modulation key of my midi keyboard is without effect.
It’s not the case with the same sound or another in Halion 5.

In Halion 5, some samples( from Halion 4 library) are not found. Whatever, my vstsound links are ok.

Best regards, and Halion 5 seems to be THE sampler! :slight_smile:

Examples of presets: Spanish party, all “one finger”…,


I was looking at my old HDD, in c: / Program Data / Steinberg / Halion SSE / Content Installed (take care, is a hidden folder), and I’ve found 7 files that was missing after my install by this procedure: Halion Sonic 1.5 - Halion 4 update - Halion 4.5.4 Update - Halion 5 update.

You can find it too, from the two DVD’s of Halion Sonic Trial 1.5 that came with Cubase 6.5.

This are the files:

  • FCP_SMT_92_HS_Brass_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_93_HS_Winds_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_94_HS_Sax_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_95_HS_Trumpet_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_96_HS_Muted_Trumpet_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_97_HS_Trombone_Add_01.vstsound
  • FCP_SMT_98_HS_Flugelhorn_01.vstsound

It weights 1,14 Gb in total.

I think this are the files that came with a second link (where Steinberg said: “first install Halion Update; next the bonus content”) posted with the Halion 4.5.4 Update and still present at his website: http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/dow … ion_4.html, but for some strange reason Steinberg has removed it, giving headache and pain to his costumers like me :sunglasses:

I don’t know if this are the samples you are missing, but for instance, this brass layers where what I cared most. They are very high quality (a huge 1,14 Gb for only 7 presets), and add articulations (the left pads) in Halion (vibrato, flutter, falls, doits, shakes, etc.). They are named in Halion as XXL (brass section XXL, trumpet XXL, etc.).

FCP_SMT_102 to 106 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_108 to 112 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_114 to 116 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_118 to 121 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
FCP_SMT_123 to 131 (HS? HSS? HAL?) (both included)
… and the last one I have, is 134 (granular synth 01).

Perhaps I have more files than I should, because I’ve done a lot of tries and copies from various sources… but I don’t care. What’s important to me, is that I’ve solved that lovely layers and articulations that I like so much.

I’ve never uploaded any file big to the cloud. I’ve you need that seven “vstsound files”, can you tell me where and how to upload it? Thanks.

*Now I see that I still miss nylon guitars and harps… :unamused: I wonder myself: CAN ANYONE THAT HAS INSTALLED OF HALION 5 FROM THE BOX PRODUCT, SHOW A COMPLETE LIST OF THE VSTSOUND FILES? FOR EXAMPLE, A SCREEN CAPTURE OF THAT FOLDER? I’m going crazy with this… I would be very grateful. Thanks!