Halion 5 movies

Hi Folks,

I noticed in another thread, some users wanted access to free Halion training movies.

I’m guessing 99% of you here won’t need it, but I’m putting together a Halion 5 training course. The first few movies are here:

1 - http://youtu.be/lBqGz515RX8
2 - http://youtu.be/eZx3bX2-BX4
3 - http://youtu.be/IQjOjXornv8
4 - http://youtu.be/aH4v_kk-ztw
5 - https://youtu.be/Q3qqFyGb9i4

Thanks for making the videos!

You’re welcome.

I know most here won’t need these (and further) movies - but, newcomers might benefit from them.

I’ll take a look. (note to self…)

I can get around ‘on the surface’ quite well, but I am not able to delve in deep.

Thanks a lot for making them.

These videos are great. Thanks for your time & effort in showing the ins/outs of such a powerful synth. I’m sure that most people have only skimmed the surface. I’m really looking to dulve deeper and your videos help to put the basics in order!

You’re welcome. Only too pleased to help.

Thanks, this would be brilliant, i am sure H5 can do more than i use it for.

In case you’re interested in ‘Groove Agent 4’, you’ll see a couple of the latest training movies for it here:


Full course to be released asap.

A few have asked me for the Halion 5 training that I’ve placed on YouTube to be made available as a download.

No problem - here it is: www.musicalnotes.org.uk

You’ll also find 30 minutes of the ‘Groove Agent 4’ training too.

Have fun.

Hi Folks

Quick update - still working on the Halion 5 course.
But, if you need a 90 minute course on Groove Agent 4, it’s now available:

Hi, thanks for the Halion vids, will check them out. Atm i am simply using H5 as my sample player but would like to learn more of what it is capable of.