Halion 5 Presets. Where are they?

Hello all

I know this is an old topic but it’s still happening.

Mac OS 10.8.4
Cubase 7
Mac pro 12 core

So,got the update, installed Halion 5. No problems at all . At launching the VST for the first time, all prests are there in the media bay. (Big improvement on loading time BTW)
Then after a restart, All gone like magic. Funny coz Halion Sonic 2 works fine. All presets are there.
Any ideas how to restore the presets in Halion 5. I have done a full reinstall of the update and also refreshed the MediaBay.

Many thanks


Oops, I forgot

I do see that you have the “Multi” filter on. Are you looking for “Programs”?

hard to tell from the picture if you have another filter somewhere. Click the left arrow thing next to the library name and see if that clears it.


You win the price.

Those bloody filter buttons are far too small.

Anyway. A thousand thank You

Glad to help! :smiley: