HALion 5 Price Cut For Cubase 7.5?

I own Cubase 7.5.10, soon to be .20 and would love to own HALion 5 with all included. Is there a price cut for Cubase owner’s?

I can’t find anything on the site or internet…I would be nice!

Maybe Easter?

indeed. have patience.
in fact every software manufacturer will offer you bargains several times a year.
and since you are registered, you will be emailed about them.
but halion 5 and the sonic brother are new, so do not expect much bargains in the first year of the release

kind regards,

There is a $50 discount currently. Use your trial DVDs to activate HALion Sonic for $199. You will get a grace period update to HS2. Then upgrade to H5 for $99 more (HS2 is included in H5 anyway). Total cost for Cubase owners is $299. Price from scratch is $349.

Personally, I would recommend at least considering the Absolute VST+ package and then H5. It is $50 more but you get Dark Planet, Triebwerk, Hypnotic Dance, and Zero Gravity. I think they are available as trials so you can check them out.

They might also have some sort of sale like they did for Valentine’s Day but considering they just did that and I see many sales from Steinberg, it may be a long wait.


Thanks for the reply…!